Where: 666 Burger 
City: New York
Address: Somewhere in New York
Website: facebook.com/666Burger
Cost: $666

The devil made them do it. Food trucks come and go, so we’re not sure if 666 Burger is back in action, but once upon a time, creator Franz Aliquo created the $666 “Douche Burger.” While many of the places on this list might consider their preposterous burgers to be serious works of culinary art, Aliquo made the burger like a juicy, overpriced social statement. But a really tasty one. The Douche Burger is another fancy Kobe beef cheeseburger, but the patty is wrapped in golf leaf, the fancy cheese is steamed with champagne onto the patty, and the whole scrumptious parody of rich people food is topped with lobster, fancy BBQ sauce, caviar, truffles, and, of course, every vegan’s nightmare—foie gras.