Not to marginalize auto accidents, but what began as a hit and run quickly escalated into a fugitive situation that spanned two states on Wednesday. Brion Adam Kriss led police on a wild chase where he used several forms of transportation, including car and bicycle, and he even swam when he felt like he had to. 

Following the initial accident on Fenwick Island in Delaware, Kriss brandished a knife at officers. He fled in his vehicle, leading officers to Ocean City, Md., where he struck two more cars and a utility pole after losing control of the car. An innocent bystander was injured in the melee. 

Refusing to give up, Kriss stole a bike and sped off to a mall, which police surrounded. Running out of options, he jumped into the bay behind the mall where the Maryland State Police deployed a helicopter and K-9 unit, surrounding him. The determined Kriss fought several officers off, and it took a Taser and rubber bullets to finally subdue him.

Kriss was arrested and taken to an area hospital; he'll face charges in Delaware and Maryland.

[via Gawker]