Were you one of the lucky Samsung owners who copped Jay-Z's new "Magna Carta Holy Grail" the other night? It's been called everything from "all-hype" to an "instant classic," but also, it may have just been an inconvenience for some. 

When Samsung owners tried to get access to the album, they were presented with a request for the app to get access to their phone's status and location, which rapper Killer Mike tweeted about the night of the release. Then, in order to get lyrics for the tracks, users were required to post a status update to Twitter or Facebook—the cheapest form of advertising around. At least for Killer Mike, the request for access was enough to turn him off from the download. 

Was the app's request for permission a little too much, or were you not bothered enough by it to not listen to MCHG?

[via The Verge]