Some mysterious screenshots have been making their rounds around the internet, supposedly leaking Uncharted 4’s title (and supposed MacGuffin), The Eye of Atlantis.

While very little detail can be gleaned for a set up screens that are in no way even close to officially confirmed – the Eye of Atlantis logo could easily be a photoshop mockup – there’s a quote about Atlantis itself from Plato as well as a weird could-be-a screenshot of some pillars and the words “eight months ago” on them.

Our take? The Uncharted logo, as well as the text and general appearance of the would-be key art, seems soft, like it was done-up with a less-than Naughty Dog-quality printer that doesn’t go up to 300 dpi (or digital imaging equivalent). Seems unlikely for PS4. Maybe the Vita?

Don’t forget either that before Drake’s Deception similar ruse for old Nate was unveiled, the infinitely cooler-sounding World of Deceit. (Also there was that Uncharted motion comic on PSN, The Eye of Indra. Would Naughty Dog really pull a Castlevania by using the same word - that'd be "Harmony, FYI – in two titles? Perhaps not.

Unless someone has a seriously low-grade camera, though, this seems more than a little spurious. Or at least suspect. Now, if it's quickly pulled there may be some truth to it. We'll see.

Via Imgur