After seeing Machete, the thought of Danny Trejo as a comedy star sounds a little strange, but it's happening anyway: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Trejo is set to co-star in George Lopez's new FX comedy Saint George, alongside Lopez himself. The show was ordered as a 10/90, which means if the first ten episodes are successful, it'll automatically be picked up for 90 more episodes and be in all of our lives for a very long time. 

The comedy will reportedly center on "the chaotic life" of Lopez's character, who is a recently divorced and struggles to balance his "demanding" ex-wife, his 11-year-old son, his mother who's just moved in with him, and his new work as a successful entrepreneur.

Trejo will portray Lopez's uncle, who is a part-time construction worker that drinks Lopez's beer and speaks the truth. No machetes will be involved with his character (we think). Eh, sounds a bit sitcom-y, but OK. Maybe it'll surprise us. For the record, Trejo appeared in a 2005 episode of Lopez's last series, the creatively titled George Lopez, so this is almost like a reunion of sorts.

Production on the machete-less project will begin this August.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]