Tech reporters have been picking sides for years. And for better or worse, defending companies, startups, and products. Debunking mis-information is important, but being a cheerleader while ignoring serious flaws is nothing more than acting as a PR mouthpiece for an entity. This where Valleywag comes in. In its own brash and hilarious way, the rebirth of the site that mocks the worst part of the Silicon Valley culture and the people and sites that cover that culture is important. It's the smartass commenter in your article that points out an error in your article. Except they now have a site. It would be easy to dismiss the site as a snarky reaction to the overzealous praise of startup culture. But between the puns and sharp jabs are truths about how the tech world has been covered for far too long. If you're concerned that your article might be belittled by the site that's "sorry to disrupt," that's far more influential than the latest app that copies something Instagram solved years ago. —Roberto Baldwin, Wired (@strngwys)