Show: The Walking Dead (AMC)
Date: 3/11/2012

While the audience seemed to hate Lori, many Walking Dead fans carried love for Shane until he met his bitter end. The writers did everything they could to turn Shane into an unsympathetic jackass, and when they couldn't sell that, they off'd him. As Grantland's Andy Greenwald wrote in his episode recap, "Rather than trying to rehab an already overdosed character, [showrunner Glenn Mazzara] unsheathed his bowie knife and gutted him without so much as blinking an eye."

The Twitter spoilers had a mixed response to this episode. Some lamented how clearly choreographed Shane's departure was; some even suggested that showrunner Glenn Mazzara was doing all he could to distance his story from the one Frank Darabont had been telling. Others lamented the passing of Shane simply stating that they'll "miss the son of a bitch." Regardless of what camp you fell in, you probably spoiled it for someone who wasn't among the seven million people who watched Rick and Carl eighty-six the troubled sheriff.