When we were first introduced to Vinny Guadagnino’s “original guido” Uncle Nino in a 2010 episode of Jersey Shore, we knew this man was destined for greatness. Despite being significantly older than most of the Shore crew, plus the fact that he was wearing an unbuttoned dress shirt with a gold chain, he had no problems partying and flirting like the twenty-something cast members. In fact, he probably did it better than any one of them, managing to flirt with JWOWW without her punching him in the face. Seriously, just look at this guy’s Twitter: Every single tweet starts with “Ooooh!!!”

So, imagine our elation when we discovered that Uncle Nino himself would be included in his nephew Vinny’s new MTV talk show, The Show With Vinny. Though the series—which features Vinny interviewing celebrities as they have dinner with him and his family at his mother’s Staten Island home—could easily get by ratings-wise on it’s unique concept alone, the presence of Uncle Nino, his velour tracksuits, and countless stories about his life in Staten Island make it absolute appointment viewing. Take this clip, for example, in which he points out a home as he’s driving and tells the camera that he built the fireplace in that house, and that he was also having sex with the customer’s wife. Modern romance!

Also, he thinks a ‘selfie’ is called a ‘Sophie’, and he’s friends with Mob Wives star Big Ang. Crossover, anyone?