Much love and respect to the graphic novel as an art form, and far be it from me to hate on the comics world, which I know very little about. All I'm saying is that now might not be the time to strike with a super hero parody. There are probably people out there who haven't gotten enough super hero parody action from The Incredibles, Kick-Ass, and Mystery Men, and then went to seek out graphic novels that gave them more. Those people have likely been satisfied by this point, unless they have a genuine addiction. The same is true of the dystopian-super-hero-world-Watchmen-rip-off genre that is on the other side of the same coin. There may be a community of people out there who aren't going through super hero genre commentary fatigue right now, but I don't know them. I bet that this group of people is not large enough to fund a  printing of your graphic novel. If I'm wrong, I'll donate to your Kickstarter.