So, you need me to give you money so you have more time to write? Oh, you want me to pay for the vanity press of your book that publishers don't want? You could just self publish an e-book for free, but there needs to a hard copy of the book so you can ask me to buy it once you've printed them? Sign me up. There are many art forms that have been democratized by Kickstarter. The massive financial comittments associated with film, theatre, and art installation have long been begging for something like Kickstarter to come along. Writing, however, was doing just fine for many many years before Kickstarter, and we suspect it will continue to thrive as a form once crowd-funding has fallen out of favor. Granted, I'm not in the publishing industry (hey, who is anymore, am I right?), but it's hard to wrap my head around how my money could possibly go to use in the creation of your book in a way that makes me anything but angry.