Unless you grew up in a beach town, or near some historical landmark, you never had to deal with tourists when you were younger, unless they were really, really lost. Be prepared for your new home to be swarming with visitors throughout the summer and around the holidays. Confused travelers who still rely on physical maps instead of Google Maps will block your path at every turn. They will shuffle slowly along your desired path down the sidewalk and shoot you a fake smile as you hurry past them. Remember that restaurant you loved? Well, it was just on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives last week, so you'll never be able to get a table there ever again. At first, you will sympathize with the lost, confused, overwhelmed tourists, stopping to help them on their way. But, eventually, your heart will turn to stone and you'll ignore them if their problem is anything short of a life and death situation, and even then, they'd better be asking nicely.