The two-man tandem of John Foden and Yannick Read have created a flying bicycle hybrid that can reach heights of 4,000 feet while going 25 mph. Ladies and gentlemen, the future is here. They just need some funding first.

The team has opened a KickStarter campaign to raise £50,000 to finalize the design (you can watch their video above), and get this bad boy to the market. Foden and Read say they were inspired to build the flying bike, which they call the Paravelo, so that people can reach and explore places they wouldn't normally go. The Paravelo can cruise at a nice 15 mph on the ground, but if you decide to fly to a friend's house, or work, you can fold it up so it fits inside. It's powered by a lightweight fan that's a little wide, but slim. During operation, the fan powers air into a flexible wing that looks like a parachute, and you're off into the skies. The company, XploreAir, is also working on a fold-out tent to carry along with you during your adventures.

Are you willing to take a ride on the Paravelo?

[via Motherboard]