The most memorable moments of our favorite TV shows these days are decidedly dark. We're talking moments that reduce our favorite heroes and anti-heroes to emotionally fucked up messes. But when things like the Red Wedding pop off, what really gets us, days later, is thinking about how it affects the younger members of the cast. The siblings, children, or otherwise adolescents in the wrong place at the wrong time or born into the most messed up family possible.

On certain shows, like Homeland, they're the heart and soul, the only people worth rooting for. And the writers, knowing that, love to just dash our hopes and dreams for a happy outcome and put those characters especially through hell. This is a salute to the kids and teens from some of the best series ever, who will most certainly be meeting up for that great group therapy session in TV land. Read on for the 25 most damaged kids on television.

Written by Frazier Tharpe (@The_SummerMan

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