Despite killing a prostitute, a man in Bexar County, TX walked because a jury agreed that his actions were justified. In December 2009, Ezekiel Gilbert was in the midst of a rendezvous with 23-year-old Lenora Ivie Frago, a working girl he met on Craigslist. 

Gilbert, 30, shot Frago in the neck after she accepted the $150 he gave her before leaving his  home without engaging in intercourse. The shooting left Frago paralyzed, and she died months later. Gilbert's attorneys argued that he wasn't wrong, because he thought the fee he paid Frago would cover sex as well. The state permits the use of deadly force to "recover property during a nighttime theft." 

So basically, it's ok to kill a prostitute that you just paid in Texas if she doesn't sleep with you and the terms of your arrangement are unclear. God bless America.

[via Gawker]