Swan will keep it real with you: She's aware of what she looks like and how you might categorize her because of it. But don't expect her to dwell on the typical typecasting that occurs at Hollywood auditions.

"In the beginning I definitely felt like I had to fight the 'hot girl' stereotype when I walked into castings. But I learned two lessons: One, that I was going to be put in that box, and two, that I had to show them that I could do that box well enough that they'd let me out of it. What I look like was not determined by me, so I can't take any credit for that. That was genes, those were my parents, so I'll pass the compliment on to them if you think I'm attractive. But there is something else inside of me that would really like to express itself. Yes, it can be frustrating. Yes, there is a tendency to walk into a room and want to put on the show and be like, 'I'm more than this, I can do things.' But that'll all come with time. It takes patience."


My philosophy is that authenticity is beautiful. Never make a choice based on somebody else’s opinion. That, for me, is freedom.


"I play a lot of otherworldly characters, like aliens. [Laughs.] I don’t get cast as the basic girl next door. I try to. I would like that. I’ve gone out for roles where casting directors are like, ‘Yeah, you just look too provincial.' What does that even mean? They say, ‘Oh, you look too exotic’ or ‘Oh, you have very severe look.' Then, now with my long blonde hair they’re like, ‘Oh, she’s very soft looking.' What? I’m just going to dye half of my hair blonde and one half of my hair brunette. Put freckles on one side to fulfill whatever they're looking for."

"It’s a hard industry to not want to try and change yourself in order to fit in. There are times when I get fired two to three times a week, if you think about it. Like, I go into a job interview three to four times a week, when it’s busy, it's 15 to 20 times a week. And it's frustrating and easy to rethink being the industry when I don't get those jobs. But the method that I found is to not try to fit in. Just be who you are and you’ll eventually make room for yourself in the world. My philosophy is that authenticity is beautiful. Never make a choice based on somebody else’s opinion. That, for me, is freedom. I can be all of these things. I can be a motorcycle-driving badass Krav Maga expert at the same time as I can be crying in Cambodia with my girls, or I can just be at home snuggling with my dog.

"Ultimately, it's all about having an awesome time and finding a way to make this journey into my celebration of life as opposed to setting a goal and struggling until I get there. I’m just going to have fun until I get there. I don’t even know where there is yet, but I'll figure it out."