A Microsoft spokesperson has confirmed the price point for new Xbox One titles will be $59.99, the same as current-gen titles for the 360, according to a report from The Verge.

With Microsoft’s new console id="mce_marker"00 more than Sony’s PS4, this news may come as a welcome surprise for gamers still reeling from the sting of the Xbox’s hefty policies on used game DRM and always-online practices. Although nothing has been confirmed yet, Sony appears to be sticking to a $60 price point for new titles as well, if recent listings at leading online retailers like Amazon and Gamestop are accurate.

Interestingly, while the consumer won’t have to pay for higher-priced games, the cost of next-gen development can quite easily surpass the budgets for current-gen titles, meaning Sony and Microsoft could potentially take significant losses after taking into account the cost of manufacturing their next-gen hardware.

Via The Verge