Last Friday, a man broke into a Milburn, NJ home and brutally beat a woman as she watched television with her daughter. At the time of the attack, the woman's husband was at work in New York City and her baby boy was sleeping upstairs. WCBS2 reports that the man threw her down the steps and assaulted her while her 3-year-old daughter watched. Speaking with News 12, she said that she "knew that if [she] started screaming, [her] daughter would too."

Authorities suspect that the man may have thought the home was empty because there was no car in the driveway and the blinds were drawn. He took the woman's wedding ring and other jewelry, leaving her with  a bruised face and concussion.

Milburn police are asking anyone with information about the crime to call 973-564-7001.

[via Gothamist, WCBS and News 12]