With the premiere of the second half Breaking Bad's final season fast approaching, AMC has finally begun to roll out some new promotional material to make us feel even more excited about this wonderful show returning/even more depressed about this wonderful show ending. Case-in-point: A new teaser poster featuring Walter White/Heisenberg standing in what appears to be the desert with the sun behind him creating an illuminating, halo effect around his head. He looks like he could kill a man with his pinky, which is just how Heisenberg should be.

As for the text over the poster, there's just one simple directive: Remember Walter White's name. Or Heisenberg's name. Either way--at this point they're pretty much the same man, anyway. And that man would never let anyone forget his name, because he's too busy ordering people to say it all the time, Destiny's Child-style:

You can check out the teaser poster, in all it's glory, below. The final eight episodes of Breaking Bad will begin airing on AMC on Sunday, August 11th.

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[via Vulture]