As opposed to Olympus Has Fallen, where... you'd just crash a plane into the White House.

As the left-wing retort to Olympus Has Fallen, White House Down mobs the seat of American political power with white supremacists and conservative crazies. They feel betrayed by their country, seduced and abandoned by the green light of American greed and want. Or something.

Why are they so sour and muscle-bound? Because of the Iraq War. Because of Afghanistan. Because too many black people work at the post office. (Note: All of these are reasons offered by the film.) If you're mad about, say, drones, and want to take it straight to the top, slap on a temporary Celtic Cross tat, start watching Fox News, and read American Sniper—the rest will come as easily as getting a gun in the state of Florida. Wetwork. America. Booyah, Grandma.