It looks like George Michael Bluth, it sounds like George Michael Bluth, but trust us—Michael Cera is going way against his type in his new film, Magic Magic. Behold, proof: In this new trailer for the Sebastián Silva-directed psychological-thriller, Cera does all but cackle manically for his role as a deranged dude who helps slowly drive his friend's cousin (Juno Temple) insane in southern Chilé. Between this and his cameo in This Is the End that features him slapping Rihanna's ass and generally being a coked-out mess, perhaps he'll never be typecast again! (Probably not.)

Really, though, we have to respect Cera for waging war against typecasting and taking on a totally not-funny role, but the trailer still felt like something produced by Funny or Die—the entire time you're just waiting for some punchline that never comes. Unless you count seeing Michael Cera cackling and looking all evil as funny, which we definitely do. 

You can check out the trailer above. Magic Magic will be released on DVD August 6th.

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[via Vulture]