In what's most likely the day's most ridiculous news story, the state of Georgia forced a woman to prove that she is, in fact, a woman to secure a new birth certificate. For the last 37 years, Nakia Grimes has been incorrectly listed as a man on her birth certificate. Grimes didn't notice the mistake until new DMV requirements forced her to present her birth certificate to renew her driver's license. 

When she approached the state's Vital Records Services office, she was told she would have to prove it by having a PAP smear and getting a signed doctor's note notarized. Grimes, who has a son which she gave birth to traditionally, was appalled at the news.

However, a director the Vital Records Services office told Atlanta's Fox 5 that the clerk did not follow protocol and that the incident prompted an investigation. Grimes was ultimately issued a new gift certificate after her son's birth certificate was researched, confirming that she is a woman.

[via Gawker and My Fox Atlanta]