Convinced that her husband was cheating on her, a Plantation, Fla. woman fatally stabbed death earlier this week. On Wednesday, 26-year-old Tyra Holmes went through 35-year-old Michael Holmes' cell phone and found text messages from other women. When she called one of the numbers and no one answered, she and her husband began to argue.

The situation grew tense, leading Holmes to retrieve a knife. When Michael Holmes attempted to resolve the situation by embracing her, she stabbed him in the chest. "You stabbed me," a shocked Holmes said. They exchanged final "I love you's" and Holmes died at the hospital.

Michael Holmes' sister Alexis Jewell told NBC Miami he was not cheating on his wife. "He was good to her and his kids and she murdered him for a senseless reason, a senseless reason, she took the life of my brother for a senseless reason," she grieved.

Tyra Holmes initially told police that she blacked out after raising the knife. She would later admit to losing control of her emotions and stabbing her husband. She was arrested and charged with first degree murder.

The couple had been married for less than two years and their children have been placed in foster care.

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