Very few video games can send you through a whirlwind of emotions quite like Heavy Rain. If you want to feel pain, anger, sadness, confusion, and all sorts of anxiety then play through a few chapters of the game. The mechanics are very unique in that you're granted complete control of every character you play as in the game and complete control of the direction of the story. With that in mind, think of all of things you can screw up in a single playthrough?

Think of all of the clues you can miss in the case, your inability to talk down and stop criminals, or opting out of challenges that'll get you closer to saving your son, the list is endless! Even little things make us feel bad, like accidentally slamming the door after tucking our son into bed or not setting the table for our son’s birthday party. We can’t reload our save data to fix things either. The game progresses seamlessly while saving automatically leaving us with barely a window of time to reset the game and fix our mistakes. So basically everything in Heavy Rain will make you guilt trip from the very first chapter to the end credits.