Zach Braff met his Kickstarter goal in a matter of days, so now he'll be able to film the "spiritual sequel" to Garden State, called Wish I Was Here. He's now raised over $5 million for the film's budget, but there are also private financiers and his "own personal investment."

"I just thought I had nothing to lose. I thought, 'I know I have this loyal fan base. I know they want me to make another movie. I know they want me to be totally in charge of it. I know that it will take some explaining because there are people who don't understand how the business works and will be confused,' he said. Braff said people were skeptical of the Kickstarter project, but he didn't want to repeat the "nightmare" of working with big studios.

He confirmed that Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory) will star, but didn't elaborate on his own involvment in front of the camera. Braff has also faced some criticism of his methods—fans shouldn't have to fund movies, and then pay to see them. 

"My brain has trouble with the logic of saying I'm taking money away from another Kickstarter project if I'm bringing people that didn't even know about Kickstarter to begin with," he argued. Ok, so he hasn't completely responded to allegations of using a cool site for a dubious project. At least he's putting his own money into it, too.

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[via THR]