Despite the seemingly endless string of questions about Amanda Bynes' well-being, it appears as though someone in New York City is ridin' with her. Yesterday, EV Grieve posted a photo of an apparent shrine dedicated to Bynes. Located at East Ninth and Stuyvesant, it bears a photo of Bynes atop a plate that's surrounded by candles and decorated with flowers. Whoever crafted this went the extra mile and looks to have Photoshopped her face onto the candles. It's very DIY, very thorough and very sincere.

You can almost hear the stumbling piano keys on Donny Hathaway's "A Song For You" as you gaze upon it.

Over the past year or so, Bynes' behavior has left her friends and family concerned and provided fodder for several outlets looking to do little more than ridicule the 27-year-old. In between a barrage of selfies, Bynes lashed out, taking aim at this very publication while offering some less-than-kind words for the editorial team. Unsure of whether to be afraid or amused, Complex did the logical thing: invited her to happy hour. Hearts were broken when she didn't show.

Some of us grew up on All That just like she grew up on All That, so we just want to know what's up with Bynes. So Amanda, if you just so happen to come across this, there's no beef; we come in peace. If nothing else, this shrine, which was carefully designed in honor of you is evidence that it ain't you against the world. Someone out there who's obviously very skilled with their hands will throw the cape on for you.

Remember who gave you the heads up.

[via EV Grieve]

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