In a throwback release that's driven fans of the classic Sega Dreamcast title Shenmue into a credit card number giving frenzy, First 4 Figures has opened up reservations for their Ryo Hazuki figure. 

The hand-painted 12-inch statue sports amazing detail from Ryo's leather jacket down to his sneakers and bandage on his cheek. Extreme Shenmue nerds will also notice that Ryo stands on the iconic Pheonix Mirror from the video game. The ultra-limited item has only 350 pieces available worldwide.

Pre-orders are already full but there is waiting list that potential buyers can get on in the event that someone cancels their order. Otherwise, you'll have to troll eBay for a sure markup.

For us unlucky folks that couldn't get in on the buy, check out a few images of the piece and try not to drop too many tears on the keyboard.

[via First 4 Figures

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