Ever since the NYPD's Honorable Chief of Department Phillip Banks lll was promoted a month ago, he's launched a crusade to end the stereotype of the horrendously dressed police officer. A source close the New York Post claims that Banks held a meeting where he preached about making sure that all of the roughly 34,500 officers in uniform look clean and presentable. 

According to the source, Banks reportedly told his subordinates “Image is 90 percent of our job." “If you respond to a vehicle accident and you’re disheveled, that goes a long way to how people see your professionalism," the source added. Now imagine Banks' initial quote being uttered with that matter of fact, Cedric Daniels tone and laugh hysterically. 

One of the ideas that the Apr. 16 meeting produced was a video exhibiting "a good looking uniform," as if that isn't automatic fodder for comedy. Another involved having officers shop online, so if you want another laugh, imagine detectives scouring the Internet for clothes like true hypebeasts. Can someone get a quote from Det. Rick Lee, the "hipster cop," on this? 

Image is now everything, thirst is now nothing when it comes to fashion for law enforcement in New York City.

[via Gothamist and the New York Post]

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