Set In Year: 1996
Prediction(s): A virus that wiped out half the world's population has forced the remaining half (including Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt) underground.

Leave it to quirky director Terry Gilliam to set his futuristic, sci-fi movie—in which a deadly virus has contaminated the Earth's surface and forced all survivors underground—just a year after its release. In order to reverse its effects, scientists have created a not-quite-perfect form of time travel, which they use to send incarcerated survivors like James Cole (Bruce Willis) back in time to uncover information on the virus' source, which is believed to be a terrorist group known as the Army of Twelve Monkeys. The film is notable for Brad Pitt's unhinged scenery-chewing—but for its ability to predict the future? Not so much. Nope, no fatal viruses or shitty time machines here!