City: Washington, D.C.

The back of the dollar bill says it all. That symbol infamously depicting the eye of providence above a 13-step pyramid, with the motto "Novus Ordo Seclorum" underneath is basically proof that the U.S. government is an elaborate Illuminati front. So it would only make sense for The Pentagon, the Occultish center of U.S. defense operations, a structure mirroring the center of a pentagram, to serve as a home base. The Latin phrase means "new order of the ages," while the eye supposedly refers to the "All-Seeing-Eye" of God. It's a symbol associated with freemasonry, like the pentagram. And we all know that freemasonry is associated with, well, dark forces. Evil. The Illuminati. The proof stares you in the face every time you buy a McDouble.