Here's some bad news for Colorado's weed-smoking population. Even though marijuana has been legalized in the state, your job can still terminate you for testing positive for it. Yesterday, the Colorado Court of Appeals decided that employers are allowed to fire employees who fail drug tests because marijuana is still banned by federal law. 

The ruling was sparked by a case involving 33-year-old Brandon Coats. Coats sued the Dish Network after he was fired in 2010 for failing a drug test. Coats has been paralyzed since he was a teenager after getting into a serious car accident, and had been a frequent medical marijuana user since 2009. The case was tossed out in 2011 because using marijuana wasn't considered a "lawful activity" at the time.

So yeah, if you live in Colorado, love to smoke weed and have a totally uncool job that drug tests you, you can still get canned. 

[via Gawker]