"There's No Place Like Home"

Flaws and all, Lost always turned up for its finales. There was action, adventure, daring rescues, maybe a sad death, and definitely a reprise of the series' trademark, string-filled score. "There's No Place Like Home," the finale of the fourth season is no exception. But while it's definitely entertaining, it stands as the weakest of the show's finales because it was so run-of-the-mill.

There's one plot that brings the finale down: It ultimately didn't deliver on what the flashforwards promised. Up until then every glimpse of the Oceanic Six survivors that we got was tinged with guilt and even a little shame, and we were left to wonder just how and why these six escaped and no one else. The answer that "Home" gave? That's just how it worked out, man! There's no conspiracy, no shady development, just a bunch of people running from one place to another, and the Six were really just the lucky few that ended up in the right place at the right time.

It felt a little lazy, with certain characters making certain decisions simply because at the beginning of the season Darlton pulled four names other than Jack and Kate out of a hat. Like, really? Sawyer just jumped off the helicopter...to save gas? Whatever.