Matthew Abbadon

This show is filled with supporting characters that make grand entrances, rich with possibility and mystery. These characters left fans thirsty for the next appearance and had message boards tripping with wild theories in the interim, only for said character to return with decidedly underwhelming results.

When we first meet Matthew Abbadon (in “The Beginning of the End") he’s scary as hell, given by Lance Reddick’s menacing baritone and cold stare.

Fan speculation went so far as to suggest he was an off-island manifestation of The Monster. What was clear upfront is that he worked for Charles Widmore, but as the man who planted the idea of a walkabout in John Locke’s head, he seemingly possessed a greater understanding and thus greater significance.

Yet, during our first and only real look at his character a season later, he’s a glorified Chatty Kathy cabbie for John Locke. Less menace, more manservant, down to the incessant quips. And then he’s shot and killed, thus fulfilling his destiny as the personification of one of this series' key problems: it didn’t always know how to service it’s large rogues gallery.