As if Florida didn't have enough problems already, Giant African land snails that grow to be the size of rats have become a problem. They were first noticed in South Florida in 2011, and over 117,000 appeared since then. Oh, and these little bastards are nuisance, too.

According to Florida Department of Agriculture spokeswoman Denise Feiber, the snails are terrorizing all homes and plants in their way:

"They're huge, they move around, they look like they're looking at you ... communicating with you, and people enjoy them for that," Feiber said. "But they don't realize the devastation they can create if they are released into the environment where they don't have any natural enemies and they thrive."

They consume plaster, stucco, over 500 species of plant and "pretty much anything that's in their path and green." The natural question is where the hell did these things come from? Well, some people think it was a Miami group that was holding Santeria ceremonies in 2010, and others are convinced that they simply "emerged" from unfinished food brought back from the Dominican Republic or Jamaica that was tossed away.

So basically, there's no good answer at the moment. If you reside in Florida, be on the lookout for these things. It's probably damn near impossible to miss them.

[via Gawker]