It's been almost a year since the Google/Motorola merger became official. The Internet giant acquired the hardware specialist for a cool $12.5 billion and strengthened its mobile portfolio by claiming ownership of the manufacturer's 17,000+ patents, all while continuing to upgrade its market-leading Android OS. However, besides releasing minor updates to the Droid RAZR series, Moto's smartphone catalog has failed to draw the public's interest and left the company falling far behind Apple and Samsung. 

But the company has been mapping out its future and spent the last eight months producing its next wave of Android handsets, about which we've heard endless rumors. Several key Google and Motorola execs recently confirmed and teased updates regarding the brand's upcoming flagship products. And judging from what's been disclosed and hinted upon, the codenamed Google X is poised to become the next big mobile of 2013. Here's a breakdown of Everything We Know About the Google X Phone (So Far).