Amanda Seyfried Coats LiLo with Shade

Amanda Seyfried Coats LiLo with Shade

In case you were wondering whether or not Amanda Seyfried and Lindsay Lohan kept in touch after filming Mean Girls back in 2004, here's a little update: It's safe to say they did not. In a new interview with Allure, Seyfried was asked about the current state of LiLo's career - and that's when things got real:

"She's talented." A pause. "Was." Another pause. "I mean, I don't know.... She was so bright-eyed."

Is a meeeow! in order here? Probably. Meeeow! 

Seyfried also commented that she'd love to play Regina George in the upcoming Mean Girls Broadway musical - and, judging by the sassy words she had for LiLo, it may be safe to say she'd rock the role. Method acting!

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