Kendra Lemke and Meredith Faulkner, two high school students from Nova Scotia, asked Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield what would happen if he wrung out a wet wash cloth in space. A weird question—with weird results. 

Hadfield, who is orbiting earth right now in the International Space Station, took to a video feed to demonstrate what happens. After unwrapping his wash cloth, which was wrapped in an extremely tight packaging he called a "hockey puck," Hadfield squeezed drinking water into the unraveled cloth until it was soaking wet. All of this seemed pretty standard, until he began to twist. 

As he wrung out the towel, the water moved around his skin and towel like a clear, jelly-like substance, and stayed floating around the towel instead of flying off in all directions.

Space is interesting, indeed.

[via NPR]