So much for justice. A 23-year-old woman was found guilty of assault by a Swedish district court for slapping a man who grabbed her ass outside of a nightclub last summer. The woman insists that her actions were pure self-defense, and even though the Lund District Court agreed that she was triggered by "serious provocation," they ultimately decided that slapping the 27-year-old man to the point  of breaking his nose was excessive. 

Damaged pride aside, the man filed a lawsuit seeking $3,800 in damages. After giving him a figurative side-eye, the court knocked that figure down to $286 and a $380 fine. The woman—the real victim herewas given a suspended sentence. This forces all of the perv's to make a decision: Possibly win about $300 in court, or end up with a justifiable broken nose?

Keeping your hands to yourself is the safe bet.

[via Gawker]