Florida is the belly of the beast. Average citizens aren't the only ones who routinely indulge in unacceptable behavior—it goes all the way up to government officials. Early this morning, Craig Lowe, the mayor of Gainesville, was arrested for DUI after he was discovered sleeping behind the wheel of a "badly damaged" vehicle in close proximity to an accident.

Exhibiting the tell-tale signs of intoxication, Lowe told authorities that he had three beers the previous night. Police performed a blood-alcohol test on him at the scene, and he was well below the legal limit. However, troopers still decided to arrest and charge him for DUI due to his impairment at the time of the accident. He was also charged with property damage.

The city's first openly gay mayor, Lowe will participate in a runoff with former City Commissioner Ed Braddy next month to decide the city's mayoral race. As a commenter of Gawker mentioned, Braddy was arrested for drunk driving back in 2006, only he was rolling with a 0.184 blood-alcohol level. Will these numbers help decide the mayoral race?

May the bigger drunk win. Or not.

[via Gawker]