Date: March 2012
Location: Morgantown, WV

St. Patrick's Day is a huge deal at West Virginia University, and nothing is more important than being "Schmacked" for the entire day. It's such a monumental moment, in fact, that someone edited a very thorough "I'm Schmacked" trailer for the event. It features green beer, green beer guzzling, green jello shots, shirtlessness, fights, girls kissing frogs, Cro-Magnon dudes smashing beer cans onto their skulls, machismo, misogyny, games, weed smoke (they have to keep the "green" theme consistent, right?), car windows being shattered with baseball bats, and a 40-year-old dude that's way too happy to be in the presence of a bunch of undergrads. It's a beautiful disaster, all set to the MGK's "Wild Boy." How fitting. There's a disclaimer on the YouTube video that says no alcohol or illegal substances were used during the filming of the "movie" or the trailer. We don't believe you.

Several schools participated in the "I'm Schmacked" campaign, but WVU ranked fourth on a recent list of the top 100 party schools.