The 25 Most Ratchet St. Patrick's Day Incidents

NYPD Officer Gives Up Relative

Date: March 2012
Location: New York, NY

Blood isn't thicker than water. In fact, the only thing thicker than water is alcohol. Last year, an NYPD officer threw a relative to the wolves after the teen and a friend issued a brutal beating to a grown man. Inspector Timothy Beaudette charged 17-year-old Gerard McMullin and 18-year-old Bertram Spielvogel with assault after a fight at a Theater District bar. What the hell were they doing at a bar anyway?

According to the New York Post, the two teens got into a staring competition with 23-year-old Ben Gold. Apparently the teen decided to smash Gold in the head with a glass bottle. Gold later received stitches to close his wounds, and the teens were arrested. McMullin was charged with misdemeanor assault, while Spielvogel was charged with felony assault.

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