A Miami pimp has been accused of forcing a 13-year-old girl to tattoo his name on one of her eyelids after she tried to run away from him. Roman "Suave" Thomas lll forced the girl to tattoo "Suave" on her right eyelid and "House" on the left. The 26-year-old Thomas was arrested last Monday along with 23-year-old Shanteria Sanders. Both allegedly “compelled and coerced” the teen to work for them by providing her with drugs.

The girl, who Thomas and Sanders called "Sparkle," met Thomas at a USA Flea Market after running away from home. This led to Thomas taking suggestive pictures of the girl and uploading them to Backpage.com. The duo gave her condoms and taught her how to interact with customers, and kept her heavily sedated with marijuana, liquor and Molly. 

When Thomas and Sanders tied her up and threatened to kill her after accusing her of stealing money, the girl knew she had to escape. When she tried to flee, they took her back to the flea market where she was tattooed. Sanders also has "Suave" tattooed across her chest. 

Once the girl's mother found her, she pointed authorities in Thomas' direction. He and Sanders have been charged with human trafficking, lewd and lascivious exhibition, delivery of a controlled substance to a child and false imprisonment.

[via NY Daily News]