Don't step away from your laptop or tablet during the television breaks just yet. Watching commercials may actually be worth your while.


Hitbliss is a new movie-and-television hub that works entirely differently than Netflix and Hulu. You don't have to pay for the movies or T.V. shows you stream. Nor do you have to jump through hoops to find the latest working (and free) episode of The Walking Dead or Breaking Bad.

The online streaming platform HitBliss offers its users a chance to earn money by interacting with personalized brand messages including video ads, surveys and games through its HitEarn program(currently in beta). It's as simple as that. Movie viewers can use their earned cash to rent and stream the newest movies and T.V. shows on Hitbliss.

Most 24-hour movie rentals are $3.99, while T.V. show downloads cost about $2.99. Sign up for a HitBliss beta invitation here.

[via TechCrunch]