How Did "Spring Breakers" Perform in the Box Office This Weekend?

How Did "Spring Breakers" Perform in the Box Office This Weekend?

Spring Breakers finally received wide release this weekend, only one week after dominating a total of three theaters it was released to in LA and NYC.

So, how's the movie faring now that it's showing nationwide? Unsurprisingly, rather well; though it earned $5 million to open in the number six spot, well behind other new releases like The Croods and Olympus Has Fallen, it was showing on a substantially less amount of screens than new films usually do. Whereas The Croods pulled in its $44.7 million over a total of 4000+ screens, Spring Breakers only opened to 1,100 screens, making its $5 million weekend gross a good start - even more so when you consider it only had a budget of $2 million. 

As for the rest of the box office this weekend: The Croods debuted to the top spot, followed by Olympus Has Fallen with $30.5 million. Oz the Great and Powerful took the third spot with an impressive $20 million earned, and The Call followed at number four with $8.7 million. Not so lucky was Tina Fey's new comedy Admission, which debuted disappointingly to the number five spot with only $6.4 million total.

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