A Florida man did just about everything wrong during a cruise in the Florida Keys last weekend, and now he'll have to answer to his girlfriend's family and the law. 24-year-old Robert "Bubba" Martin stands accused of punching his girlfriend's father in the face after the couple was caught having sex in a bathroom aboard the vessel.

The woman's father was reportedly tipped off about the bathroom lovin' by a crew member. When the angry man attempted to pull his daughter away from Martin, he was clocked in the face by his younger adversary. Martin had probably been wanting to do that for some time now. 

Onlookers helped restrain Martin, and the ship's captain applied zip ties to his wrists. Martin complained that they were too tight, promising the captain that he would behave if the ties were removed. The captain obliged, and Martiin immediately bit his hand once he was liberated. Never trust a grown man who still goes by "Bubba."

Martin was seized my members of the crew until the ship reached the dock of Marco Island and eager police officers. "Bubba" was charged with disorderly intoxication and battery.

[via NY Dailys News]