Rumors that Amazon is working to launch a subscription music service are flying. 

The company's said to be in talks with several record labels, though sources told The Verge the meetings have been informal. The on-demand service would be similar to Spotify, which many consider to be the leader in that arena. 

If the talks go through, Amazon would find itself in a heated arms race with the likes of Google, Twitter and Apple. Google is reportedly eyeing services for Google Play and YouTube, while Apple is looking to eat Pandora's lunch with a Web radio option. Meanwhile Twitter is hard at work on its own web-based app, Twitter Music, which will feature integration with Vevo, SoundCloud and other third-party services. 

As The Verge explains, Amazon shouldn't have too much trouble launching such a service, as the infrastructure's already there. It has cloud music storage and its Cloud Player, where Amazon users can stream songs from the company's servers.