A recent study finds 61% of men think their cell phone is the first thing we notice about them. 

That's according to the video and media company, Vuclip, and in contrast to women, who buy into the cell phone as status symbol mentality to a far lesser degree. Only 38% of women say it's the first thing we notice about them, though 82% under the age of 18 feel differently. 

When it first came about in the 1990s, the cell phone was considered a "rich man's toy," says Quartz. But as the smartphone's grown into a modern-day luxury here in the States and in Asia, it's taken on new meaning: Everyone's expected to own one, and among the middle class at least, what brand and model you own matters just as much as how you good you look using it. 

Could the phone replace the car as the modern status symbol? 

[via Quartz]