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Smart-ass, inept dinosaur newsmen struggle to get their scoop and live their lives in Waco Valley. You can't argue that the series is a fresh concept, but, more importantly, the show never fails to deliver laughs with its unique style.

Created by New York-based artist Ben Warheit, in partnership with Landline TV, the show has found a home on Lorne Michaels' Above Average channel and has gained a cult following. Reminiscent of the best Adult Swim and Fox cartoons, Waco Valley is an addictive treasure.

Whether the hapless dinosaurs are dealing with a childish mayor or local bodyguards, more successful human news teams are always waiting in the wings to simultaneously best and mock them. It's clear that the creative team has jokes to spare, as each episode is bracketed by hilarious interludes in which the newsmen cover the day's most ridiculously mundane stories.