You'd be surprised at the things people do to get high. A 40-year-old man from Greenfield, WI reportedly overdosed after smoking his girlfriend's medicated back patch. His girlfriend initially called 911 claiming that he had suffered some type of reaction after helping her put the Fentanyl patch on.

However, when emergency responders arrived, they found that his condition was consistent with a drug overdose. It didn't help that they found a crack pipe in his pocket. His explanation was that it had mysteriously remained in his jeans for years, you know, back when he used to smoke crack.

That's when the man came clean about smoking the Fentanyl patch. He says he placed it on aluminum foil, lit it from below and inhaled. Police found all of the paraphernalia where the couple slept, and both were arrested and charged for possession.

While the man's attempt to get high was creative, it still could've been deadly and still got him locked up.

[via The Huffington Post]