First Appearance: Giant-Size X-Men #1 (1975)
Creators: Len Wein, Dave Cockrum

As the X-Men’s resident weather goddess, Storm is one of the most important members of Marvel's merry band of mutants. Notably, Storm's inner-strength and personality are grounded in her Kenyan roots, which Marvel has whole-heartedly embraced since her debut. Her heritage is a huge part of what makes her tick, and to Marvel’s credit, the company has always treated her ethnicity with respect and dignity.

Storm’s powers have grown more and more powerful over the years, to the point where her ability to control the weather now rivals that of Thor and the other gods of the Marvel Universe. Though she has the power to destroy towns and cities with tornadoes and hurricanes, she's always been a composed hero, always looking for a peaceful solution first. Still, if she needs to kick ass, she will.

At no point was that more true than in the ‘80s, when she got herself a punk rock overhaul, complete with a leather costume and stylish mohawk. Since then, she's taken on a larger role as a leader of the X-Men, and was even briefly married to the Black Panther, before he annulled the whole thing behind her back. Not a good idea. This is a woman who can shove a tornado down your throat.