Year Introduced: 1990s
Flavor Profile: Tastes like lazy childhood summers and tart, artificial sucrose.
Mouth Feel: A silky smear of lemony bliss.
Calories: 170 Calories, 7 Grams of Fat (For 3 Cookies)
What It Says About You: You pass your days reminiscing on more innocent times. A time when your to-do list consisted of rolling in freshly cut grass, licking melty popsicles, and catching lightening bugs in glass jars. You're a pathetic man child, and women are repulsed by your complete disregard of reality. You shun anything that resembles responsibility and dream OshKosh B'gosh dreams. One day she'll see how special you really are. ONE DAY. Until then, you'll be eating every damn lemon cookie sandwich you can get your inefficient hands on.